I’m running for office because far too often it seems that our district here is a completely forgotten part of the State.Whether our challenges are measured by staggering rates of unemployment, crippling housing foreclosures, drugs, or violent crime, our home – continues to find itself on the wrong end of prosperity and safety. I want to change that. I’ve often been described as determined and a fighter. I am. I would like the opportunity to fight for job creation and safer communities for us in Washington.

I know that I am a politician unknown and I may look young, but I believe that people are tired of career politicians. I am ready to be a part of the change that we desperately need.


Working together, we can connect our neighborhoods with the resources in D.C, for our needed address and restore our cities.I intend to spend the coming months knocking on doors getting to better know your concerns. I want to arm myself with the grassroots knowledge needed to serve you effectively in Washington. I’m asking now that you support me Shalira Taylor for U.S. Congress I intend to be the voice that we all so desperately need.


God Bless.



I still believe that good schools are at the heart of a healthy State. Through its budgetary oversight responsibilities, the State has some responsibilities for our schools. I have also argued that providing a better educational experience for all of our children requires far more teamwork between the city and State, Public School Department, our libraries, our Human Services programs, our housing communities and parents.



I still think that few things are as important to Cuyahoga County as providing opportunities for people who do not have high paying jobs or a background of wealth to become home owners. We, like much of the region, face both a housing crisis and an affordable housing crisis. But Cleveland must do a better job of ensuring that our affordable housing is also acceptable housing, and that it is matched with appropriate support programs to help residents of affordable housing develop the skills and financial ability to move into market rate housing if they wish. In my next term, I will continue to push for:

    •    The State to set measurable, affordable, specific housing goals that avoid economic segregation.

    •    The State to develop a proactive approach to creating affordable housing, rather than an opportunistic "as much as possible, as dense as possible" philosophy. The State wins when we are home owners. 

    •    Working with Local investors to better our community. 

    •    Working with the housing brokers 

    •    Supporting programs ensure a healthy living environment for (The homeless, veterans, people with disabilities…)  


Womens healthcare: When it comes to abortion I hold no punches...Abortion is murder! #savethebabies 

Medical Freedom and your right to refuse shall not be infringed upon. When elected I will fight for the voiceless, I will fight for the Americans that have been harmed by big Pharma.


My father and uncles all served in the military, making sure our vet's have access to mental and healthcare services is a top priority to me and my staff.


I still believe that streets must be safe for pedestrians and cyclists, as well as motorists. The Police, in conjunction with residents, businesses and other City agencies, must be more proactive in developing and implementing sustainable public safety programs, with an emphasis on Community Policing. I will work to get the police to focus more on interacting with the community, I’ll work with the State and the city to put more effort into fixing potholes and clearing sidewalks (while using local contractors), and, in general. I believe that no one knows a neighborhood better than the people who live there, and I try to listen to those people as often as I can. I have been a voice for neighborhood residents on issues, writing letters and attending meetings on issues ranging from blight houses, to late hours for bars, to noisy or potentially dangerous issues to residents. If you see something say something. We cannot better our community if we stay silent.  


In some areas you can walk for miles in any direction and never come across a grocery store. For those who have cars, they can escape the many food deserts across our city. Unfortunately those without cars are subject to unhealthy eating. Healthy food is essential to a growing city, unhealthy food equals unhealthy people. I will help in facilitating:

    •    A full-service grocery store with community ownership - employing and engaging the community in the process. Shops to sell and showcase local farmers. 

    •    Facilitated local pop up fresh food market in Cuyahoga County food Desert 

    •    Allowing EBT & Snaps at more fresh food markets and local farms. 

    •    Traveling Neighborhood Pop up fresh markets 

    •    Co-op with Local growers to create fresh food restaurants 


As a small business owner, Shalira Taylor has personally helped to create and facilitate job opportunities for people in her community. Her work experience includes marketing, promotions and manning large teams of brand representatives. Taylor has also worked as a teacher/ trainer and strategic promoter for various companies throughout Ohio.

Taylor's Platform reveal at Westlake  912 meeting

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